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Liji Thomas
Liji Thomas is a Bnagalore based Coach, Corporate trainer and Image & Personal Branding Consultant. Liji loves interacting with people and helping them realise their dreams. She helps individuals achieve success through the science and art of presence, personal branding, effective leadership, and communication. Liji counsel individuals and conducts training for corporate clients on Executive Presence, Communication Skills , Presentation Skills, Elevator Pitch, Grooming, Dressing, Body language, Behavioural skills, and Etiquette. As a consultant and a coach for individuals Liji has coached Senior Managers, Vice Presidents and CEOs of several multinational companies. She has successfully done Personal Branding coaching with many entrepreneurs and business leaders. She has also conducted numerous open workshops and seminars on Personality development, Presentation skill, Grooming, Image Management, Communication Skills and Etiquette.
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